ARTEFACTA Cultural and environmental property
Artefacta is a co-operative society composed by young people with different competencies, and it was born with the aim to offer advice, assistance, organization and support services within the Cultural Property sector.
Our co-operative society is mostly composed by graduates in Archeology, Architecture and Art History, who have gained professional experience in archives, libraries, museums and in didactic, touristic and informatic sectors.
Artefacta's members propose to themselves the aim to study and exploit the Italian cultural patrimony, with particular attention to Piedmont, convinced that this patrimony is the basis of our collective and individual identity.

Artefacta's activities

The co-operative society intends to exploit the public and private cultural patrimony, above all the museums and the artistic, historical, folkloristic, environmental and naturalistic property, with particular reference to our Region, offering services in the following sectors:

Museums and exhibitions

- Museums staging, including a service of material filing and cataloguing, and archives and card-indexes computerization
- Creation of itineraries at different levels and guided visits inside museums and exposition areas, with the realization of signals and didactic material on bi-dimensional, tri-dimensional, audio-visual supports
- Opening and distribution services activation
- Creation and administration of books and marketable goods selling-points
- Questionnaires ideation, distribution and elaboration for surveys on public

Cultural tourism

- Historical-artistic territory exploitation through preparation of guided itineraries to cultural-environmental property, with general characteristics or with specific subjects of interest
- Conferences planning, supported by audio-visual means, followed by guided visits concerning the proposed theme, with booklets realisation and distribution
- Didactic visits to museums, exhibitions and organized events
- Alternative proposals to enjoy the cultural properties, as cycling-touristic itineraries and cultural walks
- Touristic offer to the public, also with the collaboration and advice of travel agencies and tourist operators

Cultural events organisation

- Cultural events and exhibitions, addressed to the image promotion of our territory, included the organisation and management of the following services:
- show-rooms, bookshop, banqueting and catering
- research and selection of secretarial staff and pluri-languages hostess
- availability of operators with specific professional abilities, able to offer information services and guided visits
- creation of brochures, posters and any kind of illustrative, both advertising and didactic, material
- supplying of audio-visual and multi-media sets and technical translations
- press office management


- Production and management of advice services, didactic assistance and support for schools and private-public Bodies
- Information material for school- and social excursions
- Extra-school and laboratory activities organization
- Courses and laboratories of training and revision for private and public clients, particularly for the school-staff


- Census, card-index and cataloguing of books, archeological, historical-artistic, architectonic and folkloristic patrimony on papery and computerized archives


- Projecting and realization of manuals, catalogues, booklets, brochures and every kind of publication within the cultural property, through print and informatics means, eventually in collaboration with printers and publishers
- Realization of brochures, leaflets and posters with cultural subject, of every type and size, in colors or black and white, as well as text and images editing for every kind of publication


- Archeological assistance, excavations material cataloguing and studying


- Digital video
Short documentary films production, included post-production and cutting
- MultimedialityBR> Creation of multimedia applications, with particular reference to monotheme CD-ROMs. On these supports it is possible to integrate images, texts, sounds, music or complete films in a hipertextual structure.
Tri-dimensional graphic animation, to be inserted in the CD; texts editing, research of images and multimedia components.
Mastering in a limited numbers of copies, CD packaging and graphic realization
- Internet
Web Site projecting, with planning of this site, including all possible future revision, as well as the connection.
Thanks to the assistance of one of the most important Providers in Turin, we will be able to offer the maintenance and management of this junction on this Provider server
- Multimedia interactive points
The multimedia point must be inserted in the exposition contest: the offer includes, besides its technical realization, the "hardware" aspect, the projecting and building of the multimedia interactive point case, including the user interface and the supplying of personal computers at special prices
- Software for management
Software personalized packages; software for an "optical" archive, able to register data and images
- Hardware
Informatics structures, based on personal computers; training of a staff able to use every component of the sistem (scanners, printers, modems) for telecommunications and software of every kind.
Material supplying at special prices; contracts of maintenance and assistance - also by phone

Bibliographic research

- Bibliographic and archive research service, also through on-line consultation of catalogues and publishing houses from all over the world


- Legal advice service regarding the Cultural Property
- Image and public relations advice
- Translations from ancient and modern languages for every kind of public